About Trade In Peace!


At Trade In Peace (TIP) we are dedicated to understanding and managing the emotional ecology of a trader’s mind, because we believe that the primary reason why people lose money in trading is not due to lack of market knowledge, a trading strategy or even risk management; it is the absence of a functional belief in the necessity of maintaining and regulating a trader’s emotions correctly before, during and after trading, that lead to losses and lack of success in trading.

There exists an appalling imbalance between the excess of literature on analysis and price predictions, as opposed to the lack of that which addresses the problem of emotional upheavals and feelings such as greed, fear, pain, betrayal, excitement and euphoria that wreak havoc in a trader’s mind before, during and after the process of taking a trade. The real problem of why people lose money in Forex, Futures & CFD trading has not been recognized, understood, analyzed or tried to be solved. Some of the literature that does talk about the psychological aspect of trading does not make a distinction between the cognitive mind and the emotional mind; heaping it all on ‘psychological influences,’. There exists a great need to talk openly about why traders experience these emotions as they trade highly leveraged markets, and how one can counter emotional upheavals and imbalances and harness their emotional energies to generate much better reward possibilities.

How the emotional mind undercurrents and overrides our day to day lives, and how important is emotional intelligence for personal and professional success is a fascinating field of study; and at TIP we put this in the context of Forex & CFD trading, one of the most popular and rapidly growing asset class for investors and fund managers.

We draw a firm line between analytical and cognitive skills, and emotional intelligence & competence, and try our best to dissect each and every emotional aspect of trading. We hope to enhance a trader’s emotional intelligence by providing nursing and emotionally disciplinary therapy through every day examples that one can easily relate to, as well some mental exercises. We believe at if one learns to master their emotional brain, the trading experience changes from nerve-wrecking to an enjoyable, peaceful and rewarding one, and you can truly trade in peace. After all, happiness and peace of mind is the ultimate goal of all human endeavors. This state of mind cannot be bought by money and can be practiced and experienced at all levels of an individual’s life, whether rich or poor.

Most successful traders have been through a series of painful failed trading attempts before being able to master the art of emotional awareness and emotional stability which leads to consistent long term profitability. We empathize with aspiring traders who struggle with their trading despite having a sound strategy at hand, but who have not yet comprehended the real problem or have fully understood the of the role of emotions in trading. This problem is exacerbated by the very lightly regulated retail Forex & CFD industry, manipulative and misleading marketing practices, and lack of genuine intent on part of some stakeholders of this industry to disclose the real picture to a new investor or trader. At Trade In Peace, we also aim to dismantle some misrepresentative concepts and beliefs that have become commonplace through fallacious marketing practices, such as the fact that forex trading can make you wealthy quickly, and that it does not require any hard work or skill building. Unsuspecting investors are led into believing that trading is a ‘get rich quick’ scheme by showing them extreme theoretical reward possibilities are only consistently possible on paper.

Our genuine desire and greatest accomplishment would be that Trade In Peace proves to be a sincere assistance for those seeking to become successful traders or investors in this field.

Head Trading Coach: Sara Waqar
Trade in Peace (TIP)