What will the Market Scholar Program teach me?

Cost of the program: $4000

In this program, we practice and execute trades in real time.

The Market Scholar program will make you a true trading scholar. We will successfully teach you:

  • Unique ways to read and classify trends.
  • Novel ways to analyze retracements & price rotations.
  • Specific high probability entry conditons that must be in place before you click the button.
  • Why, when and at what level to take profits.
  • Being aware of various psychological trading traps, and how to avoid them.
  • The art of stop loss placement unique to the market structure
  • Risk management strategies that keep your risk very small and controlled, and optimizes returns.
  • Advanced riskless strategies with zero loss
  • Special high probability candle patterns and set-ups
  • Proprietary emotional awareness mechanisms designed by the mentor to enhance emotional control during trading.

And a lot more

The strategies taught are equally applicable to three markets: Currencies, commodities (metals) and Stock Indices

What does the Market Scholar Program include?

The Market Scholar Program includes

  •  6 days of intensive training sessions with Sara.
  •  Small group coachings with traders who share your passion
  •  PDF Manual containing all profitable set-ups and strategies
  •  Access to Mentor after the course ends
  •  24/5 LIFE LONG support on LIVE Market Set-ups and trading queries FREE of cost
  •  Free weekly market commentary and upcoming trade ideas
  •  Customized problem solving in your trading

What is unique about the Market Scholar Program?

This professional trading program is truly unique because we promise you that:

We will teach you to think like successful Wall Street traders and Hedge Funds instead of how small retail traders think.

We will shift your perspective from short-term to the long-term, which is actually the magical short cut in successful trading!

It will require only 10-15 minutes of your daily time to analyze charts & set-ups. This is ideal if you have a day’s job or are a busy homemaker.

We will teach you simple, yet the most efficient and optimal trading strategies that give you amazing profitability.

Your results will no longer be sensitive to broker spreads, instant executions, slippages and other broker inefficiencies.

We will give you the confidence to trade manually and use your discretion rather than falling for trading robots and algorithmic systems, which in fact are not consistently profitable.

We will teach you how to be completely stress-free, and stop your emotional coaster rides and mood swings in trading.

We will also remove any urgency from your attitude to check the market every few minutes, thus giving you an effortless trading experience and free quality time to enjoy your life.

We will make you understands some very big pitfalls of pure fundamental analysis.

We will provide unique emotional and psychological therapy with real work examples so that you are no longer slave to negative emotions such as fear and greed. All in all, you will develop a successful trader’s mindset.

We will make you understand why you must not rely on conventional indicators and moving averages

We will give you a customized trading plan and a set of trading rules that will bring you amazing profits.

We will teach you why it’s important to measure profitability in dollars, and not hide behind pips or points.

We will always be there to genuinely help you, to answer your queries, solve your trading problems, and witness your financial freedom and trading success.

Happy trading!

Sara & the team.